We create stunning WordPress themes in just 3 days.


How it works?

Usually the development process is like this:


You can see that there are a lot of steps and it’s great for big projects, but for smaller ones a lot could be removed and done at the same time. Since each steps takes at least a few days you end up with longer deadlines and a lot of the work is just redoing the previous step. So this is how we do it:


Here you can see the magic. We’ve cut down the entire process and pretty much everything happens at the same time. It’s a intense process but it delivers awesome results in a short period of time. Also we make good use of techniques like Just in Time, Lean Development TQM and others to make sure that not even a second is spent doing work that is not helping in the final product.

Why is it so good?

A few of the pros of our process and our themes:

  • Completely custom designs, no premade themes are used here;
  • We make use of frameworks so you’ll have a lot of ready-to-use functions in case you want something new – it’s as simple as adding a line in your code;
  • Responsive design, always so it works great in mobile screens;
  • We use WordPress so you can manage every single area of your site; 
  • Drag & drop builder – You’ll get a drag & drop builder so you can create awesome pages in no time and you don’t have to learn shortcodes and other weird stuff;
  • Code so clean you could eat on it – It’s not just fast, it’s super clean and optimized.

Order now!

What are you waiting for? Place an order via Paypal and get started today. Regular websites are just $500 and E-Commerces are $750. We also develop custom plugins in case you want them, and we do customization to other themes if you want as well.

You can also get in touch and we’d be glad to reply your message!

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  • We are extremely pleased with the ongoing support service provided by Rochester, our Happiness Engineer. He is quick to answer tickets and is always helpful in his correspondence. I highly recommend him and Happiness Engineers to any theme developer looking for honest and dependable WordPress support staff!

    - Takumi – Themeboy