I'm Roch, and I provide BUSINESS MODEL CONSULTING & WEB DEVELOPMENT for sports & eSports aficionados.


Let's turn your passion into a Profitable Business

Finding the perfect business model and website

Your business model is how you turn the value you create for customers into revenue.
There are many ways to create value and to capitalize on it, but finding the perfect strategy for your business can be hard.
Most sports-related ventures barely make any money and this has nothing to do with the value they provide. It’s clear that most sports teams, tournaments, and venues create great value for players and fans, but they often fall short when turning all this passion into money.
But fear no more, we are here to help you.

About Us

The Brainstorming

Our focus here is to understand what you do now and your future goals.

We’ll also find out more about your current customers and create a profile of your ideal customer.

The Strategy

You’ll get the perfect business model and the new value proposition for your ideal customers.

Also, you’ll know what products or services you’ll need to create, how to market them, and your new revenue range.

The Implementation

We can provide the actual website as well to achieve the strategy you need.

We deliver code and design, using WordPress and custom plugins for a lightning fast implementation with the highest quality.

Benefits of Business Model Consulting

New Revenue Streams

Find new products or innovative ways to charge for your products in order to create a profitable business.

Understand your customers

Discover their real needs, demographics, habits. Also, find out your ideal customer, the most profitable ones.

Understand your costs

We’ll find your cost per activity so you know exactly how much you spend even on simple activities such as sending emails or creating league tables. This way you’ll be able to cut costs.

Better connect with your customers

By creating new value, you can create a whole new fresh community, enabling new ways to reach out to your customers.

Create a greater impact in the world

We’ve seen many great business ideas to just go bankrupt. We help you keeping a heatly business so you can create a greater impact in the world, for a long, long time.

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